Artsy Algebra presents basic algebra in a rigorous and entertaining sort of way. It has step-by-step, logical explanations of what Algebra is, it's special terms and examples of problem solving using Algebra. In the app we use 3D animations with colorful images and kid friendly sound effects that make the learning process effective and enjoyable for children.

The app is divided into five parts: General info, two demos and two practices.

The general info part introduces Algebra.  It features kid friendly fonts and colors with music in the background.

The demo parts give the theory of Algebra, explained in a logical way, so children can follow and grasp the new concepts. Also Algebraic expressions are introduced with illustrations and animations. The demos are hands-on and interactive --- kids answer questions by moving objects around on the screen and pressing animated buttons.  Kid friendly sound effects make learning fun!

The practice parts are where children demonstrate and improve their understanding of the Algebraic facts they learned in the demo part.  Each practice session brings a new series of random questions.  With practice, kids receive a friendly certificate.

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