Artsy Geometry teaches children First Grade Geometry by using animation and pictures. "Tap Me" is a fun game, where kids tap  3-Dimensional spinning  images.  

Artsy Geometry focuses on 5 skills:

Skill 1 (2 dimensional shapes) requires students to match names of shapes to 2 dimensional objects and also to match 2 dimensional objects to names. Students count sides, angles, corners and add to get a third shape and they categorize every day objects.
Skill 2 (Tap Me) A game where  students identify  various 2 and 3 dimensional shapes and figures.
Skill 3 (3 dimensional figures) requires students to match names of figures to 3 dimensional figures and to match the figures with names.   Students search for figures within images and they learn and work with various figure properties like faces, vertices, edges, etc.   Students work with planar and solid figures.
Skill 4 (Symmetry) reinforces the idea of mirror symmetry by having students identify lines of symmetry for a wide variety of shapes.
Skill 5 (Flip, Turn & Slide) reinforces more complex (rotation and transform) ideas of symmetry by using animation to demonstrate Flip, Turn and Slide.

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