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​​Who We Are

What We Do​​

Creative Minds expands ArtsyMathApps to include science apps.  Our mission is to develop advanced software to help kids learn and perform well in school. Creative Minds features intuitive learning and interactive interfaces so that kids understand and experience what is being taught.

Our priority is to provide each child with material that prepares them to be at the top of their class while making learning fun and enjoyable.  3D animations, sound effects, colorful buttons and appropriate images create pleasing visual interfaces that aid learning without being distracting.

Why We Do It
As parents and educators, we strive to continually educate and challenge our children. Our goal is to help children succeed in school and in the world.  At Creative Minds, there is no such thing as "too hard."  Clear examples, fun practice and a joyful experience leads to learning success.

How We Do It
Creative Minds provides different levels of practice. Once the student masters the first level, they move to the next level where they develop a deeper understanding of the subject. We improve understanding through a variety of practice problems that review and reinforce learning.

​Our practice problems cover one topic or combine few topics together to make the learning experience both challenging and dynamic. We vary our questions and word them differently to help kids master the material in a fun, challenging way. 
Our Staff
Creative Minds are built by developers who are experienced in science, math and teaching.

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