​​​​​ArtsyGraphs teaches first grade data and graph interpretation. It uses images of animals, toys and other fun and friendly images.  ArtsyGraphs has sound effects and animation to reinforce reading and comparing graphs.


Artsy1stGradeGeometry teaches children First Grade Geometry by using animation and fun pictures. The Symmetry part uses Flip, Turn and Slide animations in order to demonstrate and make it clear for kids. "Tap Me" is a fun game, where kids tap 3-Dimensional spinning images. 
Artsy1stGradeGeometry focuses on 5 skills:

Learn fractions by slicing vegetables, candies and different stirring speeds. 3D animations and sound effects. Great as a game and great for learning fractions.



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ArtsyAlgebra presents basic algebra in a rigorous and entertaining sort of way. It has step-by-step, logical explanations of what algebra is, it's special terms and examples of problem solving using algebra. In the app we use 3D animations with colorful images and kid friendly sound effects that make the learning process effective and enjoyable for children.

​​Our Math Apps

​​​​​Artsy Algebra   


Artsy Measure is an app to learn units and measurements, by comparing :
fluid ounces vs. milliliters,
fahrenheit vs. celsius,
lbs vs. kilograms,
inches vs cm.
Both analog and digital methods.
Artsy Measure includes animations and sound effects: Using digital scales for reading weight, draggable and spinning rulers for measuring length, running water to measure volume, an animated thermometer and much more.
There are five parts to the app where in four of them kids can practice 25 random questions and earn 100 points, in each part, then they can continue on or move to the next part. the fifth part is a game "Morning in the Woods", where kids can tap animals to bring them to "life".

ArtsyGeometry! provides excellent practice and learning for 3rd graders' geometry. The app covers a broad range of knowledge such as calculating perimeters, calculating areas and finding missing sides.
Students learn to visualize how 3 dimensional objects such as cubes, pyramids, etc., are built from 2 dimensional shapes (called nets) that are folded into the desired 3 dimensional object.